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Prepare Vaccines that Do Not Require Refrigeration



New advances in materials science and the preparation of biological materials create the possibility of stabilizing vaccine products to preserve their structure and immunogenicity against the effects of freezing and/or heating.


Current childhood vaccines require refrigeration and a cold chain to maintain stability and viability, yet freezing must also be avoided.  Transportation, storage, and delivery up to the point of use require an intact cold chain, which is difficult and exceedingly costly to maintain.  Successful development of heat stable vaccine products will simplify vaccine storage and delivery, reduce waste, and improve vaccine efficacy.


To develop general methods to stabilize the structure and stability of any vaccine materials in order to preserve immunological efficacy over long periods of time against the effects of either freezing or elevated temperatures, thus eliminating the need for refrigeration.

Potential Benefits

  • Increased efficacy of immunization systems
  • Reduced cost of vaccine delivery

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