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Western Cape Health Data Center Partnership with CIDACS

Alexa Heeks and colleagues of the Health Foundation of South Africa in South Africa, together with Maurício Barreto and colleagues of Fiocruz in Brazil, will employ real-world data from two large countries of the Global South to develop a common data model of infectious diseases affecting pregnant women to identify causes and aid intervention development. Centro de Integração de Dados e Conhecimentos para Saúde (CIDACS), together with the Western Cape Provincial Health Data Centre (WCPHDC), have built data systems to utilize routinely collected health data for exploring disease impacts. They will leverage these data systems to explore the impact of gestational syphilis in Bahia, Brazil, and tuberculosis in the Western Cape province of South Africa, and the coverage and effects of screening interventions. Teams will include data curators, analysts and scientists, who will perform data discovery and processing, alongside epidemiologists, clinicians and public health specialists, who will perform epidemiological analyses and community engagements.

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