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Project Heartbeat

Malcolm Mooi of the Dr CL Smith Foundation in South Africa will further develop their common online platform for teachers, which provides training, materials, and support to improve the quality of teaching in South Africa. Teachers are the number one drivers of learning in schools, but there is a lack of curriculum and holistic support for teachers in many countries, which has a direct, negative impact on student performance. They will use a variety of mathematical and technological approaches to refine their preliminary platform by adding new features to improve user experience and work to grow an online community of educators and organizers to attract more users. The performance of the platform will be measured by analyzing growth and user engagement. By exploring opportunities to connect the platform and associated data with education councils and corporations and unlock added value for teachers such as rewards and discounts, they aim to elevate the status of teachers in society and further improve teaching quality.

More information about Reinventing Teaching and School Leadership: Preparing Youth with the 21st Century Skills Needed for a Knowledge Economy

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