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Immunization Strategies for Working Mothers

Olukemi Amodu, Mofeyisara Omobowale and Folakemi Amodu of the University of Ibadan College of Medicine in Nigeria will develop a three-part intervention to provide more convenient and accessible vaccinations for children of working mothers to increase the timeliness and completion of childhood vaccinations. Despite education campaigns, the demand for childhood vaccination in Nigeria is low, partly because working mothers have limited time to attend vaccination clinics. The three-part intervention comprises priority and more convenient immunization services at existing clinics, mobile vaccine clinics for the many mothers who work long hours in the marketplace, and a smartphone-based application to send vaccine reminders. They will test their approach in the city of Ibadan by setting up mobile clinics at three market places to provide weekly vaccination services and education counseling for mothers in their own shops. These mothers will also be supported with a savings program (VaccoSavings) to help them track money saved to pay for vaccines not paid for by the government. They will also enable mothers working in the formal sector to book vaccine appointments at more convenient times at a child welfare center where they will be attended to promptly. All mothers with smartphones will be supported by the VaccApp application to track vaccine schedules and provide automatic reminders. The impact of these combined strategies on the demand for vaccinations will be evaluated after one year.

More information about Increasing Demand for Vaccination Services (Round 23)

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