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Development of a Rectal Antibiotic Formulation for Community-Based Management of Neonatal Sepsis

This project proposes to develop a rectal formulation of a third-generation cephalosporin antibiotic for reducing mortality through early community-based management of neonatal sepsis. It will carry out pharmaceutical and preclinical studies with the aim of developing a stable rectal formulation of a candidate antibiotic with adequate bioavailability. Selection will depend on activity against causative pathogens, a good safety profile, and central nervous system penetration. Rectal administration is a simple, safe, and acceptable method of treating sick children. It would be suitable for the community-based management of neonatal sepsis if an appropriate antibiotic could be provided in a stable and adequately bioavailable formulation which could save millions of infants' lives each year.

More information about Saving Lives at Birth (Round 2)

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