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Development of a Digital HIV Self-testing Support Platform

Natasha Gous of SystemOne in the U.S. will develop a mobile application and digital platform to support people testing themselves for HIV by sending them reminders, offering guidance, and reporting the results. Simple and rapid diagnostic tests and self-testing are now being used across low-resource settings to improve the diagnosis of HIV infections. However, results need to be interpreted manually, which can be difficult for uneducated users, and linked with health facilities so the appropriate care can be given. To address these issues, they will develop a downloadable application so that users can enter their personal data, such as age, sex, and location, and receive instructions on how to perform the test. They will also develop a secure, online database that collects the test results, provides custom reporting, and integrates with the existing laboratory information systems so that health coordinators can monitor testing uptake and disease incidence, and HIV positive users can be informed of where to receive care. They will pilot test their approach for usability and accuracy of reporting with 300 individuals in a clinic in South Africa.

More information about Innovations for Integrated Diagnostics Systems (Round 19)

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