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Crowdsourcing to Rebuild Chinese Caregiver Trust in Childhood Vaccines

Joseph Tucker of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the United Kingdom will hold a national crowdsourcing contest to develop a social media-based intervention to improve confidence in childhood vaccines and boost coverage in China. Expert-driven strategies have been launched to promote vaccination coverage in China, but have had limited effect. As an alternative approach, they will apply crowdsourcing to tap into the knowledge of individuals to design a more effective, online intervention. They will open the contest with a call for new ideas that use text, images, and videos to promote vaccinations; enable online evaluation of those ideas by crowd and expert judges; and assemble a steering committee of health experts to produce the finalists. The final content of the intervention will be developed by the finalists in an intensive 'designathon' event. They will test the new intervention in select community health centers in three cities in China and analyze its ability to improve confidence in vaccinations.

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