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Creatively Empowering Youth and Kid Agripreneurs as Global Citizens to Achieve Food and Nutrition Security by 2050

Alpha Sennon of WHYFARM in Trinidad and Tobago, along with Wainella Isaacs, Candace Charles-Sennon, Luke Smith, George Caesar, Akinola Sennon and their partners at TECH4Agri, will engage young people, who are the future feeders of 2050, in agriculture, and develop their knowledge and skills so that they can promote sustainable agriculture and improve food security in Trinidad and Tobago. They will implement four related projects in which participants can win cash prizes. These projects include an eight-week training course for ten professionals aged 18 to 30 that provides mentorship and skills to help develop their business plans, tours of ten primary schools with a local youth theater production company to teach nine to eleven year olds about the nutritional and economic value of baigan (eggplant), including a competition to design their own superheroes and nutritious snacks, and focusing their Agricultural Fun, Museum and Food Factory Park for the under 30's to teach visitors about food and local agricultural products using educational games. They will evaluate each project using surveys and metrics such as numbers of participants and related activity on social media.

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