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Discover Drugs and Delivery Systems that Minimize the Likelihood of Drug Resistant Micro-organisms

Drug Resistance


The evolution and spread of drug resistant pathogens presents a growing problem worldwide.  The fact that virtually all anti-microbials lose efficacy over time because of the development and spread of resistance in the target organism could be greatly reduced by creating novel and affordable approaches to optimal drug delivery tools, by developing drugs that target critical host components essential to infection and disease, as well as drugs that target components of the pathogen that are implicated in disease rather than infection, or that are so highly constrained that resistant variants cannot be easily selected.


We lack an understanding of the key determinants of the evolution and spread of resistance, and we lack the ability to slow the emergence of resistant variants.


To develop novel technologies and approaches to slow the evolution and spread of drug resistance.  These include novel drug delivery technologies; the identification of drug targets less susceptible to selection under drug pressure, including targets that control disease not infection; targets in the host; and targets involved in the transfer of genetic materials within pathogen population.

Potential Benefits

  • Enhanced useful life span of anti-microbial agents
  • Effective treatments for common bacterial and other prevalent infections in resource poor settings
  • Simpler treatment regimens arising from novel delivery technologies
  • Reduced frequency of treatment failures

Priority Areas

  • TB
  • Other bacterial infections
  • Malaria
  • HIV

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