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"Your Choice": Using AI to Reduce Stigma and Improve Precision in HIV Risk Assessments

Sophie Pascoe of Wits Health Consortium (Pty) Limited in South Africa, with support from the organizations, AUDERE in the U.S. and the Centre for HIV and AIDS Prevention Studies (CHAPS) in South Africa, will develop a Large Language Model (LLM)-based application, Your Choice, that interacts with individuals in a human-like way to respectfully obtain their sexual history and improve the accuracy of HIV risk assessments to control the epidemic in South Africa. Gathering accurate sexual history is essential for assessing HIV risk and prescribing preventative drugs but is challenging due to concerns about stigma and discrimination. Your Choice, which stands for Your Own Unique Risk Calculation for HIV-related Outcomes and Infections using a Chat Engine, leverages an LLM to ensure privacy and confidentiality, improve the accuracy of risk assessments, and increase awareness of preventative treatments. This solution would provide 24/7 access to an unbiased and non-judgmental counselor for marginalized and vulnerable populations specifically, greatly reducing the barriers and concerns around seeking advice. They will co-design the app with at-risk populations and evaluate a prototype using 550 public sector healthcare providers and clients.

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