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Voice-Based Platform to Enhance Service Delivery and Improve Caregiver-Community Health Worker Interactions Around Immunization

Sumeet Singh of Onekeycare Ventures Private Limited in India will develop a voice-based platform to store immunization records and improve caregiver attitudes toward vaccination in rural India. Adherence to a standard immunization schedule is essential to reduce childhood death from vaccine-preventable diseases. However, many mothers in rural and remote India are unaware of the recommended childhood immunization schedule and how crucial it is to follow it. They will develop a voice-based platform for health workers to easily update immunization records and to provide automated reminder calls to caregivers when vaccinations are due. They will also develop voice-based games to educate caregivers on hygiene best practices and the importance of immunization for health and provide the opportunity to earn points that can be redeemed for rewards. Importantly, these systems are independent of internet or smartphone access, which are largely absent in remote areas. They will test their platform in a target area by training a group of health workers and influencer caregivers and evaluating its effect on awareness and behavior.

More information about Innovations Driving Programmatic Performance in Immunization: Service Experience and Data Use + Measurement (Round 22)

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