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Using Behavioral Insights to Improve the Efficiency and Reach of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) Campaign Outreach Teams in a Lower-Middle Income Context

Nyasatu Ntshalintshali of the Clinton Health Access Initiative in the U.S. will use a benchmarking approach to guide individuals and teams delivering mass drug administration (MDA) campaigns in low-middle income regions in order to improve coverage. Individual and team behavior during health campaign planning and implementation have been identified as major causes of variation in campaign quality and performance. To encourage behavioral changes, they will use a benchmarking technique that shows individuals that their peers behave in the desired way. To be effective, the benchmark needs to be carefully targeted to the individual. They will update an existing MDA tracking application to display benchmarking prompts delivered in real-time, and evaluate its effect on the quality and coverage of MDA in a randomized control trial with 12 campaign outreach teams in the Kingdom of Eswatini.

More information about Innovations for Improving the Impact of Health Campaigns (Round 25)

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