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Understanding Transmission Dynamics and Acquisition of Antimicrobial Resistance at Referral Hospitals and Community Settings in East Africa

This study will combine conventional microbiology methods, whole genome sequencing, as well as social and behavioral sciences-based methods and, a combination of both longitudinal and retrospective study designs to generate knowledge with the potential to transform our understanding of the local and global emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance especially in hospitals and community settings. This study will also elaborate the acquisition and transmission dynamics of antimicrobial resistance between communities or within communities over time. Furthermore, this project will also provide an ecological perspective that can integrate environmental monitoring of antimicrobial resistance in community settings with monitoring of antimicrobial resistance in the hospital settings. In addition, the study will also expand the available primary data in regards the understanding of the global antimicrobial resistance epidemiology, will contribute towards improving infection control in hospitals and community settings as well as provide potentially leverageable opportunities to build in new ways on existing public health interventions and/or antimicrobial resistance monitoring platforms.

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