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Ultra Sheer "Wrapping" Condom with Superior Strength

Ron Frezieres of the California Family Health Council in the U.S. along with Max Abadi of Unique International in Colombia and I.MAXX Inc. in the U.S. are developing a stronger and thinner male condom made of polyethylene to promote condom use. Polyethylene is a non-toxic and hypoallergenic material that wraps and clings rather than squeezes, thereby enhancing sensation and enabling easier application. In Phase I, in collaboration with the polyethylene condom inventor/manufacturer in Colombia, the team optimized the material, tested compatibility with different lubricants, designed discreet packaging, and manufactured two prototypes with either a pull-tab applicator or a flanged base.These were compared with traditional latex condoms for performance and usability by 34 couples that overall preferred the pull-tab condom. In Phase II, they will further optimize the condom by improving the lubrication and application, and develop more economical packaging for developing countries. They will also perform a larger clinical study of the modified product using 300 couples.

More information about Develop the Next Generation of Condom (Round 11)

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