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Uganda Vacc+: User-Centered Data Collection and Use

Monica Nolan of MU-JHU Care Limited in Uganda will adapt the existing open source Smart Register Platform, which digitally stores health records, for the real-time collection and transfer of immunization data, to improve vaccine coverage and other healthcare services for women and children in Uganda. In many low- to middle-income countries, records of childhood vaccinations are usually written by hand and can be poor quality. Digital records are of better quality and value, as they also enable the integration of different types of healthcare services, such as HIV services and vaccinations, to improve overall health. They will adapt existing technology and infrastructure, including the Smart Register Platform, which is already integrated into several national health systems and can produce automated SMS reminders of appointments. They will also design methods informed by mothers with young families, health workers and managers, to optimize data use and delivery of health services. They will use surveys and analyze health data to evaluate their approach for improving vaccine timeliness and coverage at selected clinics.

More information about Innovations in Immunization Data Management, Use, and Improved Process Efficiency (Round 21)

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