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True Cover: Localized, Accurate Immunization Coverage

Matt Berg of Ona in the U.S. will combine high-resolution satellite images, spatial sampling statistics, and mobile data collection to better calculate local immunization coverage in Bangladesh. Current approaches often vastly overestimate coverage because of the difficulty in calculating actual population sizes from nationwide data and birth registries. As a more effective approach, they will use satellite imagery to detect liveable structures within a set area, and software that selects possible households that require verification by community surveillance teams. These teams will be supplied with offline maps and a mobile application to note actual households and record the immunization status of any children under five. These data will then be used to generate maps to visualize actual coverage and identify areas with the greatest immunization needs. They will develop tools for automation, coverage calculations, and map visualizations to supplement their existing mapping and mobile data collection tools and test their approach in a research site in Bangladesh.

More information about Innovations in Immunization Data Management, Use, and Improved Process Efficiency (Round 21)

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