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Tracking Demographic Movements and Immunization Status to Improve Children's Access to Immunization

Jerome Ateudjieu of Meillerur Acces aux Soins de Sante in Cameroon will test whether training community volunteers to record demographic movements and monitor births and immunizations of residents and visitors in their villages can improve timely childhood vaccination coverage in Cameroon. Many health districts in Cameroon have reported outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases. One underlying cause is that many people in these regions travel extensively, making it difficult for health facilities to identify newborns that need vaccinating, and to inform parents when and where the necessary vaccinations can be received. They will select 60 villages in the Noun Health District of West Cameroon, and train community volunteers to record the movements and immunization status of infants up to 11 months in their village. These records will be sent by the WhatsApp mobile messaging application to the relevant health facility to identify the children eligible for the next immunization session. The necessary appointments will then be communicated back to the parents by the community worker, who will also inform them of the importance of timely immunization, and encourage pregnant mothers to give birth in health facilities.

More information about Novel Approaches for Improving Timeliness of Routine Immunization Birthdose and Healthcare Worker Skill in Low-Resource Settings (Round 20)

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