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Technology-Based Solutions Towards Grand Challenges in TB Control

Avin Agarwal and team will develop an electronic pill box with the software architecture based on a client-server software solution with hardware integration. The technique involves tracking the weight of the remaining pills through an electronic pill box with GSM connection and pressure sensor. This approach tracks if the pill is taken out of the pill box for consumption and reports this information to the central server. The solution could be as effective as DOT and a lot cheaper to implement. Addressing the cost of implementation will be emphasized for long-term execution, and an alternate SMS-based solution is suggested to reduce the dependency on pill boxes, in case the objective can be met using a less expensive SMS solution. By the nature of its design, the application will identify defaulters and escalate them for more stringent techniques of monitoring and at the same time alert healthcare professionals only when necessary.

More information about Treatment Adherence for TB

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