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Supporting Field Agents to Scale Climate Action

Floris Sonnemans of Degas Ghana Limited in Ghana will apply AI technology to support African smallholder farmers to implement more climate-adaptive and regenerative agricultural (RA) techniques, such as crop diversification, and scale climate action across the continent. Africa only contributes 3.8% of global greenhouse gas emissions but experiences the harshest impacts, particularly on food production. However, protective RA techniques are relatively new and challenging to adopt, and there are not enough field agents to support farmers and respond to queries. To address this, they will integrate a Large Language Model (LLM)-based system trained on RA manuals into their existing agent-facing application. This system will provide an easy interface for farmers to access information and guidance to effectively implement RA practices, such as biochar application, minimal tillage, and permanent organic soil coverage. The application will be field tested amongst field agents and farmers.

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