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Strengthening Solid Waste Management Systems in Nepal

Shivani Malla of Oxfam in Nepal will improve the management of solid waste in Nepal using technology including geographic information systems (GIS) to map populations and optimize collection routes, mobile phone-based customer services, and digital monitoring for the public and private sectors. Solid waste management in the Birendranagar municipality in Nepal is becoming increasingly challenging as the population increases, and the private sector tasked with handling it has quite basic resources. Effective waste management is crucial for the health of the population and the planet and provides opportunities to generate value by recycling waste to produce sellable resources. They will work with the municipality, private sector, local communities, and existing waste management companies to develop an implementation plan for the different technologies and also provide support to encourage the start-up of businesses for example to convert waste into organic manure. They will also launch a digital awareness campaign to change public attitudes.

More information about Innovation for WASH in Urban Settings (Round 22)

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