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SOMANASI: The AI Personal Tutoring Tool for Students in Kenya

Tonee Ndungu of Kytabu Company Ltd. in Kenya will develop a comprehensive AI-powered mobile application, SOMANASI (derived from the Swahili words meaning "learn together") to provide personalized education to every student in Kenya. Kenya suffers from widespread educational inequities with many students failing to receive individualized attention. The application will harness ChatGPT-4 and act as an intelligent virtual tutor that delivers tailored content, adaptive learning experiences, and interactive guidance. They will collaborate with experts to design high-quality materials aligned with the Kenyan curriculum and cultural context. They will also engage students, teachers, and educational stakeholders in the design process, and mitigate bias by considering the full diversity of the student population. They will pilot test SOMANASI across a diverse student population in ten schools to evaluate its ability to enhance learning outcomes.

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