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Re-JUDGE: Reducing Rates of Non-Medically Indicated Cesarean Sections Through an Open Access Multi-Media Evidence and Behavior Change Program for Lawyers and Judges

Soo Downe of the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom will develop a multi-media program for lawyers and judges who work on medical litigation related to childbirth to help ensure that they understand the evidence on risks and benefits of the procedure as well as legal rights of patients. There has been a large increase in the numbers of cesarean sections across all sectors of society, which is party caused by a fear of litigation. When cases are heard related to non-medically indicated cesarean section in court, the judicial personnel's underlying attitudes about women's rights, and their lack of legal and medical knowledge, leave them unable to ensure compliance with the law. They will assemble an expert team to develop the multi-media program containing materials on the use and outcomes of different modes of birth and then provide it to judges and lawyers in four Indian states to evaluate feasibility and usability and its effect on legal decision making.

More information about Improving Access to and Use of Safe and Appropriate Cesarean Section

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