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Quarenta Semana: Innovative Intervention in the Prenatal Care for Reduction of Prematurity

Jose Maria de Andrade Lopes of the Instituto Fernandes Figueira - Fiocruz in Brazil will conduct a randomized study to evaluate "Quarenta Semana," which is a program designed to remove risk factors associated with preterm births in Rio de Janeiro. The preterm birth rate in Brazil is amongst the highest globally. Some known risk factors for preterm birth include limited access to healthcare services, maternal social and health factors such as diabetes, and the quality of prenatal care. They will train pregnant women to act as health advocates who encourage women to seek prenatal care in their first trimester. They will also establish social support groups to help reduce stress and offer support throughout pregnancy, and implement a checklist for providers and patients to increase the quality of prenatal care. The effect of these approaches on preterm birth rates will be evaluated.

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