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Polidocanol Foam as a Low-Cost, Nonsurgical Permanent Contraceptive

Jeffrey Jensen of Oregon Health & Science University in the U.S. will test the feasibility of using the varicose vein treatment polidocanol in a foam format to close fallopian tubes. The method could be administered by minimally-trained healthcare workers and could be a low-cost, nonsurgical permanent contraceptive method for women in developing countries who want control over their long-term family planning. This project's Phase I research showed that polidocanol foam can block the fallopian tubes of rhesus macaques without causing adverse non-target effects. In Phase II, Jensen will determine optimal foam concentrations needed for treatment, determine the rate and timing of treatment regimes, and research whether adjunctive therapies can be used to augment the blocking effects of the foam without increased side effects.

More information about Create New Technologies for Contraception (Round 5)

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