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Oxygen-Conserving Oxygen Concentrator

Lara Brewer of University of Utah Health Sciences Center in the U.S. will upgrade oxygen concentrators in low-resource settings by adding manual powering, oxygen storage, and a conservation function, and allowing for the simultaneous delivery to multiple children. Oxygen is required to treat children with pneumonia, but current concentrators rely on a continuous power supply and can only support one child at a time. They will incorporate a pedal-powered compressor and low-pressure storage tank to maintain supply during power outages. They will also design a flow splitter for supplying up to 5 patients, and an oxygen-conserving device that restricts supply to the start of inhalation. They will bench test the system for performance and hardiness under different environmental conditions.

More information about New Ways to Reduce Pneumonia Fatalities Through Timely, Effective Treatment of Children (Round 14)

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