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Non-Gender Specific Internal Silicone Condom

Daniel Resnic and colleagues of Origami Healthcare Products, Inc. in the U.S. will refine their internal condom, which is made of soft, pliant silicone and designed to improve pleasure and safety for both vaginal and anal intercourse, and test it in a small, randomized crossover controlled trial. Classical condoms made of latex or polyurethane are designed primarily for functionality and have not been approved for anal intercourse, which is a major mode of HIV transmission. Silicone is an attractive alternative material for a contraceptive as it is non-allergenic, strong, highly stretchable, lacks taste and odor, and has antimicrobial properties. The internal condom will be easy to use and is designed to mimic human tissue to make it more pleasurable to use.

More information about Develop the Next Generation of Condom (Round 12)

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