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Nisre-Tena: Drones for Blood Delivery in Hard to Reach Areas

Fassika Fikre Hailemeskel of Maisha Technologies PLC in Ethiopia will build and field-test their drone for the rapid delivery of blood from blood banks to health facilities across Ethiopia. Almost 50% of maternal deaths in Ethiopia are caused by hemorrhage. Although there are 24 regional blood banks, difficult terrain and limited infrastructure on the ground mean that delivery to certain areas is almost impossible. A drone would bypass these obstacles. Their drone has been locally designed and will be locally built to keep cost to a minimum, and they will first test it for flight-performance and air-worthiness. They will then design a second, updated drone and test its ability to deliver routine and emergency blood from a single blood bank over two months. This will inform the design of a final version, which will be built and analyzed for drone and delivery performance, and impact particularly on maternal health.

More information about Health Systems Strengthening: Ensuring Effective Health Supply Chains (Round 19)

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