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NIFTY: A Neonatal Intuitive Feeding Technology for preterm infants who have difficulty breastfeeding

The NIFTY cup's extended reservoir off the cup lip optimizes efficient milk delivery, and mothers can directly express into the 60-ml cup. The NIFTY cup's soft silicone material protects the infant's mouth from injury. The cup has embossed volume measurements to track intake; is designed to enhance finger and wrist control over milk flow; and is made with quick-drying, UV- and heat-resistant, durable, affordable silicone that can be boiled for sterilization. Our project aims to 1) generate an evidence base by validating the NIFTY cup in a hospital in Ethiopia and 2) shape the sub-Saharan Africa market by identifying a commercialization partner and developing a go-to market strategy and global advocacy plan.

More information about Saving Lives at Birth (Round 5)

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