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A Mobile Workflow-Based Solution for Closed Loop Monitoring of Adherence to TB Treatment

Shashank Garg and team will develop a mobile solution that addresses problems in adherence to TB treatment through the key technologies of mobile phone-based electronic forms, workflow management, identity management, and electronic health records. The objective is to achieve automated tracking and monitoring of individual TB patients for adherence to the TB treatment protocol. ASHA workers will use the mobile application for collection of dosage intake data in the field. A workflow system will provide a closed loop through SMS alerts in case a patient defaults. Along with identity management and a TB treatment record, the system will ensure patients are able to seek treatment even on migration, thus maintaining continuity of treatment. This mobile solution is novel because it will use a form-based mobile application capable of running in disconnected or offline mode, with data connectivity being required only for the duration of data upload to the server.

More information about Treatment Adherence for TB

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