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Metagenomic Sequencing to Find Causes of Febrile Illness in South and Southeast Asia

Elizabeth Batty of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom will use metagenomic next generation sequencing to identify pathogens in patient samples that are negative by all other diagnostics, to better understand the causes of febrile illness in South and Southeast Asia. Although studies have identified a broad spectrum of pathogens underlying non-malarial febrile illness, the cause of fever remains unknown in more than half of patients. Febrile illness causes substantial morbidity and mortality, and correct diagnoses are needed to ensure that patients receive the appropriate treatments. They will collect samples in multiple healthcare centers in Bangladesh, Lao PDR and Thailand, and use multiplex PCR and serological tests that detect the most common causes of acute fever. Up to 300 samples that test negative using these approaches will be sent to the central Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit laboratories in Bangkok for metagenomic sequencing and bioinformatic analysis.

More information about Metagenomic Next Generation Sequencing to Detect, Identify, and Characterize Pathogens

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