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Mapa do Acolhimento: Capacity Building Enhancement for Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Direct Service Provision

Enrica Duncan of Mapa Do Acolhimento in Brazil will use AI to improve the influx of volunteer psychologists and lawyers to their support network, which provides mental health and legal support to women at risk of gender-based violence. In 2022, one woman died every six hours from gender-based violence in Brazil. They have built a network of 10,000 volunteers who have supported over 5,000 women. To expand this network, they have developed core training content using an inter-sectional feminist framework and will produce an equitable AI model to evaluate volunteers' backgrounds to better understand their skills and experiences. They will also incorporate localized knowledge to better serve all regions of Brazil. Machine learning will also be used to determine the optimal format to deliver training for each individual based on their engagement and responsiveness. These efforts aim to enhance the volunteer experience, improve knowledge absorption, and reduce turnover.

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