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A Loyalty Program to Mobilize and Sustain Maternal and Neonatal Health

We have developed a sustainable barcode-based incentive system that encourages "loyal health visits". Pilot proof was undertaken for child and mother vaccinations with strong evidence that our Barcode Mother and Child Wellness Card innovation could very quickly elicit a positive behavioral response for immunization adherence in low resource smallholder settings. Our project's goal is to validate this novel approach to mobilize and sustain maternal and neonatal health visits with special emphasis on around the time of birth but all the while tracking the pregnant mother along the continuum of antenatal care. We specifically address the problem of few (no) antenatal care visits and skilled attendant deliveries with the goal of reaching every pregnant mother and/or neonates. The Mother and Child Wellness Loyalty Card will apply quick response (QR) codes to track ANC attendance and reward mothers with discounts on essential livelihood items thereby creating demand for both health and livelihood services.

More information about Saving Lives at Birth (Round 5)

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