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Low-Cost Water Pollution Spectrometer for Monitoring Map

Do-yeon Pi of PiQuant in the Republic of Korea will develop a small, low-cost, water quality test equipment and a GIS-based monitoring system to continuously map water quality in real-time across Vietnam. Despite the extensive river network running through the country, many Vietnamese, especially in rural areas, remain short of clean water. Drinking water can be polluted by many different pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella and E. coli that cause waterborne diseases. Spectroscopic devices are used to monitor water quality but they require expensive time-consuming procedures to remove background noise and improve accuracy. They have built a small spectroscopic device incorporating a noise-canceling algorithm that can quickly and accurately measure water quality at a much lower cost than traditional devices. They have identified the major water pollutants in each region and have developed a prototype water scanner. This will be distributed in a pilot area to demonstrate preliminary proof of performance for measuring water quality. They will also set up a GIS-based monitoring system that maps the water quality data and allow users to analyze the potential causes of water pollution and react quickly.

More information about Innovation for WASH in Urban Settings (Round 22)

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