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Leveraging Enablers of Positive Deviancy to Increase Demand for Vaccination: A Community-Driven Intervention in Nigeria

Bolanle Oyeledun of the Center for Integrated Health Programs in Nigeria will develop a new approach that involves teaching Nigerian parents to leverage their motivations for ensuring their children were fully immunized so that they can persuade other parents in low-income settings to do the same. They will hold interviews and group discussions with around 250 parents and grandparents of children who are fully immunized across four regions of Nigeria. These will be used to identify their positive and negative experiences during the vaccination process and why they ultimately ensured their children were fully immunized. From this group, around 40 will be selected to act as mentors who will be trained to deliver some of the key lessons learned from the interviews via group discussions. The ability of their approach to increase knowledge and demand for vaccinations will be tested with the 40 mentors along with 400 caregivers of infants younger than five months who have already missed at least one vaccination.

More information about Increasing Demand for Vaccination Services (Round 22)

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