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"Krik Krak": Mental Health for Pregnant Haitian Teens

Guitele Rahill and Manisha Joshi of the University of South Florida in the U.S. will harness the Haitian tradition of storytelling to produce online videos, brochures, and posters that support pregnant teenagers in Haiti who are at high risk of depression. There has been an increase in unplanned teenage pregnancies since the 2010 earthquake, due in part to the loss of parents, and a rise in transactional sex and sexual assaults facilitated by very limited resources. Pregnancy places a substantial additional stress on these children, which in turn causes long-term difficulties for their children. In Haiti, to tell a story you announce "Krik?", and to hear it you respond "Krak!" They will use this familiar story-telling framework and actors who resemble the target group to teach pregnant teenagers about childbirth, motherhood, and how to cope with depression. They will conduct two focus groups of six pregnant teens to identify the specific challenges they face, and use their feedback to help ensure the approach will work.

More information about Healthy Minds for Adolescent Mothers: Achieving Healthy Outcomes for the Family (Round 20)

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