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Integration of a Large Language Model (LLM) for Women Centered Care

Nneka Mobisson of mDoc Healthcare in Nigeria will integrate ChatGPT-4 into their chatbot, Kem, which provides virtual self-care coaching for low-income women of reproductive age in Nigeria, to improve its accuracy and capacity to respond to queries with evidence-based information. The burden of maternal deaths in Nigeria remains inequitably high with many risks encountered even before conception, highlighting the importance of supporting self-care. They will assess the accuracy and empathy of Kem+ChatGPT's responses to diverse inquiries from women, its improved ability to triage based on reproductive stages and risk factors, and the effectiveness of human health coaches leveraging ChatGPT-4 as a resource for answering more complex questions. This will involve field testing with a cohort of 300 women of reproductive age. They will also hold a series of iterative user-testing workshops across the states with at least 160 members from communities to observe usability and provide feedback for product refinement.

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