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Integrated Support Program Against Anti-Vaccine Narratives

Allya Paramita Koesoema of the eHealth and Telemedicine Society in Indonesia will develop a pro-vaccination campaign to counteract the widespread negative views of vaccinations in Indonesia by engaging religious leaders and health workers in local communities to directly address misconceptions. Anti-vaccination narratives, many based on religious misconceptions, have spread through the country, largely via social media, leading to a decrease in child vaccination coverage. Health workers often do not have the knowledge to explain away these misconceptions to mothers when they refuse to have their children vaccinated. To address this, they will engage stakeholders to identify the anti-vaccination messages and build a database of effective reasoning to directly challenge those messages that can be accessed by health workers and other respected, senior community members. They will perform a randomized controlled trial in different districts in Indonesia, and supplement the pro-vaccination messengers with vaccination reminders and schedules sent directly to mothers via mobile phone. They will test the usability of their approach and its effect on the willingness of the mothers to vaccinate.

More information about Novel Approaches for Improving Timeliness of Routine Immunization Birthdose and Healthcare Worker Skill in Low-Resource Settings (Round 20)

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