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The Immunity Charm

Daniel Carucci of The Immunity Charm Foundation in the U.S. will produce a low-cost bracelet as a visual cue to encourage parents in south Asia to get their children fully vaccinated at the appropriate times. There is a widely held belief in south Asia that black beads on a bracelet protect children from evil spirits. Using that symbol of protection they have designed an 'Immunity Charm' bracelet for infants, which has the traditional black beads as well as a series of colored beads, each representing a vaccine that protects against one disease. The colored bead is added when the associated vaccination has been received. They will evaluate their approach for promoting vaccinations in five health centers in India by launching an awareness campaign with posters and flyers, training health workers, and supplying the bracelets.

More information about New Approaches for Improving Timeliness of Routine Immunizations in Low-Resource Settings (Round 19)

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