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Generative AI Technologies for Gynecological Healthcare in Vietnam

Khoa Doan of VinUniversity in Vietnam together with Helen Meng, Viet Anh Nguyen, and colleagues from the Centre for Perceptual and Interactive Intelligence and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, both in Hong Kong; in collaboration with the Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital in Vietnam, will build a conversational AI chatbot to scale up gynecological healthcare support for women and LGBT+ communities in Vietnam. Access to gynecological healthcare in Vietnam is limited, particularly in remote regions and for minority groups due to high costs, low investment, social stigmas, and misinformation. They will build a tool to provide informational and psychological support, adapted to Vietnamese linguistic and cultural contexts and able to operate in low-resource settings. The chatbot will consist of a scientific database, a GPT-like conversational system, a voice generation engine, and a sentiment analytics module to evaluate the psychological traits of the user. It will be capable of empathetic dialogues that encourage users to share their symptoms. Data from patient-clinician dialogs will be used as a reference for the design of an initial patient-AI prototype.

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