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Balance the Equation: The School Board of Broward County

Broward County Public Schools in the U.S. and partners will enhance and pilot a set of tools and strategies that enable teachers and priority students to build classroom cultures and practices for the learning and teaching of mathematics that incorporate the needs of the entire class, with a particular focus on engaging priority students. This approach builds on the Algebra Project’s Five-Step Curricular Process, which is a student-centered teaching framework for diverse populations that begin with a mathematically rich, concrete experience to be mathematized and make meaning of embedded, abstract mathematics concepts. Summer Induction Academies will be held so that students and teachers explore together multiple ways of thinking about and doing mathematics, leveraged by instructional materials and activities such as games for teaching prime factorization of integers, to strengthen understanding of key mathematical concepts. Partners on this project include the Algebra Project, Broward College, ETS, Florida International University, Territorium and the Young People’s Project.

More information about Balance the Equation - A Grand Challenge for Algebra 1

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