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Balance the Equation: University of Florida

The University of Florida in the U.S. will develop an interactive mathematics learning platform with instructional videos incorporating high-quality, culturally responsive educational material and online resources to better engage students experiencing poverty and Black and Latino students. Together with students, they will create culturally-relevant interactive learning modules leveraging the Illustrative Math curriculum and the wide-reaching Algebra Nation platform; for example, a culturally responsive interactive learning module may embed bivariate statistics in different sociopolitical contexts such as salary trajectories of vocational jobs versus college degrees. These will be designed to enhance students’ understanding of algebraic concepts as they relate to their cultural and community context. Students will be able to contextualize their own learning experience in stories that are meaningful to them, developing their identities as mathematicians simultaneously with their understanding of how to leverage Algebra 1 knowledge to find success in education and career. Algebra Nation will be a partner on this project.

More information about Balance the Equation - A Grand Challenge for Algebra 1

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