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An Energy-Producing Waterless Toilet System

Virginia Gardiner of Loowatt Ltd. in the United Kingdom will develop a waterless toilet that uses biodegradable film to safely separate and seal waste into a portable cartridge for local anaerobic digestion. The digester will produce fuel (biogas) and fertilizer, creating local waste treatment economies. In Phase I Gardiner performed market research in Madagascar to adapt the basic toilet system to local contexts and to develop a business model. She further developed the toilet, digester, and post-treatment system, and built a pilot system that was tested using human waste in the laboratory. In Phase II, Loowatt looks to scale-up their technology and tools for the global market by further developing the anaerobic digester, readying toilet components for mass production and local manufacture and supply, and exploring local manufacturing possibilities for the biodegradable film.

More information about Create the Next Generation of Sanitation Technologies (Round 6)

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