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Electronic Decision Support System for Accurate Immunization

Ali Turab of IRD Global Ltd. in Singapore will develop a decision support tool that can be integrated with digital immunization registries to automatically construct optimal appointment schedules for every child that can adjust for missed immunizations and the introduction of new vaccines. A large majority of children, in both developing and developed countries, are not immunized at the recommended times, which can increase the risk of severe diseases. When a vaccination is missed, it is left to the health care professional to work out the best alternative schedule, which is often inaccurate. To help with this, they will design software that incorporates a child’s vaccination history and age to automatically construct a new immunization schedule after every appointment, and that can also identify opportunities to vaccinate children even when they are at a clinic for other reasons. The software will integrate with existing health systems in several developing countries. They will conduct a mixed methods study at the Indus Hospital Korangi Campus in Pakistan to validate their approach for generating optimal schedules and assess usability by health workers.

More information about Innovations in Immunization Data Management, Use, and Improved Process Efficiency (Round 21)

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