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The Earth Auger Toilet: Innovation in Waterless Sanitation

Marcos Fioravanti and Chris Canaday of Fundación In Terris in Ecuador will develop an easy-to-use urine-diverting dry toilet that uses a pedal to "flush" feces into a pipe and mix the waste with dry material for faster composting. Following toilet use, pushing the pedal turns an auger in the pipe, withdrawing the waste to eliminate odors and to enable safe sanitation, after which it can be used as fertilizer. In Phase I, they designed, built and laboratory-tested three prototypes with varying designs. The two best designs, one for home use and one for public use, were field tested in Ecuador to evaluate performance and usability. In Phase II, Fioravanti, now working with co-investigator Chuck Henry, will further refine the design through feedback from the field, and test modified prototypes with a view to conduct large-scale local demonstrations across different continents to promote user acceptance. They will also look to scale-up manufacturing to low-cost mass production.

More information about Create the Next Generation of Sanitation Technologies (Round 6)

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