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Development of a Low-Cost, Bubble CPAP Kit and Oxygen Blender to Increase Accessibility to Less Invasive Lung Support Equipment for Neonates in Low-Resource Settings

Dr. Ashish Jain, of Hindu Rau Hospital in Delhi, India, has developed an improvised bubble CPAP device that relies solely on an oxygen source, water, and parts commonly found in neonatal intensive care units across India. Our proposal aims to further enhance this device by combining it with an innovative oxygen blender that requires neither electricity nor a pressurized source of air and is intended to reduce the hazard associated with providing infants 100 percent oxygen. In addition, Dr. Jain's improvised bubble CPAP device will be tested for compatibility with parts commonly available in India and we will develop procurement and assembly instructions for a bubble CPAP "kit". Finally, an evaluation of human factors will be conducted in India to ensure that the kit, oxygen blender, and instructions meet the needs of health care providers and their infant patients.

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