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Condom Materials to Increase Pleasure and Enhance Erection

Shengxi Chen of Arizona State University Foundation in the U.S. will produce a male condom using a material to mimic the surface of the skin for a more natural feel, coupled with a chemical to activate erection. The surface of skin cells is both hydrophilic and hydrophobic, however conventional condoms, such as those made from polyisoprene, are hydrophobic and therefore feel unnatural. To mimic the skin surface, they will synthesize the molecule glycosylated PROLI coupled to nitric oxide, which is known to stimulate both male and female physical arousal, and use it to coat a conventional polyisoprene condom. The new condom will be evaluated for strength, biocompatibility with skin cells, and release of nitric oxide.

More information about Develop the Next Generation of Condom (Round 12)

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