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Co-Administration of Influenza and Tetanus Toxoid Vaccines to Pregnant Mothers Using a Simple-to-Administer, Thermostable Microneedle Patch that Generates No Sharps Waste

To increase vaccination coverage, we propose to develop a microneedle patch that co-administers the influenza and tetanus toxoid vaccines. Our approach is specifically designed to meet the needs of pregnant women and children under the age of 5 in developing countries by (i) seeking to prevent tetanus and influenza infection (ii) co-administering both vaccines with a simple-to-apply, thermostable patch that generates no sharps waste, thus improving safety by avoiding hypodermic needles. This type of vaccine administration requires minimally trained personnel, and is painless and therefore more acceptable to those being vaccinated. Additionally, because the vaccine patches are dry and do not need reconstitution they have improved thermal stability, and so can be shipped to remote areas and stored for prolonged periods without refrigeration.

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