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Closing the Supervision Gap: A Large Language Model (LLM)-Powered Coach for Frontline Workers

Neal Lesh of Dimagi South Africa (Pty) Ltd. in South Africa will create an LLM-powered coach tailored to frontline workers that offers training, performance feedback, and encouragement to support their health and improve their productivity. Frontline programs serve billions of people; however, they rely on a hard-working, often overburdened workforce that receives limited support, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. They will work with 10–20 community health volunteers in Malawi to co-design three variations of the LLM-powered coach using their rapid LLM-building platform. They will assemble content on early childhood development and the Kangaroo Mother Care method. They will then design professional development curriculums to strengthen existing skills; teach new skills, such as financial management; and build resilience skills to encourage self-care and well-being. They will test the coaching bots on 100 frontline workers to evaluate safety, accuracy, usability, and added value.

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