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Awaaz-e-Sehat: Empowering Maternal Healthcare with Voice-Enabled Electronic Record Management

Maryam Mustafa of the Lahore University of Management Sciences in Pakistan will build a voice-enabled, mobile phone-based, conversational AI assistant, Awaaz-e-Sehat, for maternal healthcare workers in Pakistan to create and manage detailed electronic medical records. Pakistan has among the poorest pregnancy outcomes worldwide. The lack of documented medical records of pregnant women seeking care makes it challenging for doctors to provide accurate diagnoses and contextualized care based on socio-economic and lifestyle factors, which also play a vital role in maternal health outcomes. They will develop a proof-of-concept system comprising an intuitive user interface speech recognition module and a text recognition module to record audio responses in different languages following specific prompts. The system will then convert responses into text and populate a template electronic medical record in Urdu. Awaaz-e-Sehat will be evaluated by maternal healthcare workers at Shalamar Hospital for its ability to collect records from 500 patients.

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