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AI for Education Delivery: Adaptive Learning Content for Rural Students

Chinazo Anebelundu of DSN Ai Innovations Limited in Nigeria will develop a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)-focused multimedia learning platform by leveraging GPT and DeepBrain text-to-video AI tailored to rural students to increase their engagement. Nigeria has an estimated 18.5 million students out of school, a population that can potentially be reached through this more engaging and personalized modality. This platform will integrate local contexts and nuances to enhance student comprehension of STEM subjects. It will also tailor the learning to the preferences of each student and employ visual activities such as interactive STEM laboratory simulations. For each subject, they will collect a diverse array of educational resources and construct the curriculum. This curriculum will then be transformed by Large Language Models (LLMs) into a script and then into video lessons that can be personalized to a specific student. The platform will be evaluated for the degree of student engagement and accuracy of content, amongst other measures, using their existing network of students and teachers.

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